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Willkommen bei NomadZDayZ,

Server #1 NomadZ IP:

Server #2 NomadZ IP:

Server #2 NomadZ IP:

Rules:Welcome to our server NomadZ PVP
The rules can be changed or adjusted at any time.
Insults, racist and extremist content are prohibited and will lead to a ban.
Duping, bugusing, combat logging and hacking are prohibited.
Each player has to give himself a name before logging in.
Stream sniping, cheating, and combat logging will result in immediate bans.
Fountains, hospitals, police stations, fire brigade stations must not be built over.
It may not be built in military areas. Minimum distance about 250m. The distance to the trader must be 400 m.
‣ DO NOT block base entrances with objects or vehicles during a raid.
‣ No ROAD BLOCKS of any form at any time. No
‣ Player boosting is allowed. (maximum 3 players)
‣ A raid item may be used to access the base
‣ Construction errors may be exploited.
‣If you get into a base without any raid tools, it is YOUR responsibility to get out WITHOUT dismantling.
‣ No glitch raiding. Anyone seen as glitch raiding will be treated according to our ban policy.
‣ Warehouses / lockers can be looted and taken.
‣ When raiding, you are NOT allowed to drop equipment/items to intentionally destroy them.
During the raid, no cars and objects that you do not take with you may be destroyed
The trader is safe zone
Uncamping traders is not allowed and will result in a timeout or ban
Parking cars at the trader is forbidden only for loading and unloading if a car is parked at the trader for more than 24 hours it will be deleted.

Blackmarket (BM) is not a safe zone, camping is not allowed.
Roads may not be built over and cars may not be used as blockades
That's it for now until I think of something else
Your admin team wishes you a lot of fun

Monetarization Rules

By donating, you are accepting all of the below:

– the payment method you use is either yours or you are allowed to use it!
– all Donations are final! If you get banned from our servers you can not charge back your donated Money!
– if donations get charged back to redeem free shop items it will resultate in a permanent ban.
- Every donation is voluntary and will be used for the server costs.
– please keep in mind, that all products which you donated for, can be removed at all times if rules get broken.


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